ASO State Branch Meetings

New South Wales




Friday 23rd January

May: TBA

Saturday 29th August (Clinic Weekend will be held on Friday and Saturday August 28th & 29th in Brisbane)

Wednesday 18th November

South Australia

Friday 13th February                      Professor Bill Proffit Dinner
                                                ASO Meritorious Service Award Presentation
National Wine Centre of Australia


Tuesday 5th May                             Dr Melinda Barva
“My Indirect Bonding Journey”
Postgraduate Student Presentation                    

Tuesday 14th July                           Dr Guy Burnett
“Update on Scanning Technology”
Postgraduate Student Presentation                    

Tuesday 15th September              Dr Vandana Katyal
“The Raj Prasad Award Case Presentation”
Postgraduate Student Presentation                    

Late October to Early November
Annual Clinic Day and AGM to coincide with the Milton Sims Visiting Professor Programme as yet to be determined



Western Australia

Thu 5th Feb 2015, ADA House, West Perth WA - Presentations by post-grads

Wed 15th April 2015, ADA House, West Perth WA - Presentation by Dr Dylan Edwards (Cornell – USA) - "Probing and modifying human brain function with non-invasive stimulation"

Wed 22nd July, ADA House, West Perth WA - Presentation by Dr Ramesh Balasubramiam – "Bruxism and Orthodontics"

AGM/Clinical Day: Fri 6th November 2015, venue TBC, Perth WA – Presentations by Dr Carlos Flores-Mir, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. AND Dr Lysle Johnston the Robert W. Browne Professor of Dentistry and previous Chair of the Department at the University of Michigan. This will be a Combined auxiliary /specialist meeting

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