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Give a Smile™

The Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Tony Abbott MP, launched Give a Smile on Wed 8 June 2005 at Luna Park, Melbourne.

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Orthodontic Infomercial

An orthodontic awareness campaign was developed by an orthodontic practice in Cairns after measuring attitudes, knowledge and demand for orthodontic treatment.
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Life, Health and Feeling Good (Radio - 3AW Melbourne)

mp3 File Dr Feelgood interviews an orthodontist (2.45 MB)


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Give a Smile News Release
Give a Smile launch
Give a Smile Fact Sheet
ASO Fact Sheet
Emma - the first Give a Smile patient


Brighter Futures Newsletter

II Div 1 Part 1 Class II Division 1 Early Diagnosis and management
Aesthetics & Teamwork
cbct Cone Beam Computerised Tomography
Orthodontic-Periodontic Interrelationships
Implants & Orthodontics
Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors
Orthodontics & Dental Trauma
Orthodontics & Mini-screws
Evolution of Aesthetic Orthodontic Appliances
Orthognathic Surgery & Orthodontics (Part 1)
Orthognathic Surgery & Orthodontics (Part 2)
Orthodontic-Endodontic Considerations (1)
Orthodontic-Endodontic Considerations (2)
Moving Teeth Invisibly Sequential Plastic Aligners (1)
Moving Teeth Invisibly Sequential Plastic Aligners (2)
Continuing your Orthodontic Education
Drugs and Orthodontic Treatment (1)
Drugs and Orthodontic Treatment (2)
New approaches, new technology in modern Orthodontics (1)
New approaches, new technology in modern Orthodontics (2)
Root Resorption and Orthodontics
Deep bite Malocclusions
Retention Retention
2011_4 Impacted and Ectopic Canines
2011_3 Anterior Open Bite Malocclusions
2012_1 Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Impacted and ectopic canines Obstructive Sleep Apnea in children


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