Established by the Australian Society of Orthodontists in 1993


Acrobat Reader is required to view and print all documents and forms.


The AOB Certification Process

The following documents explain the AOB Certification Process in detail. It is suggested that applicants print and retain the appropriate forms for future reference.

1. Full Members: How-to-do-it Guide - Application & First Stage
2. Full Members: How-to-do-it Guide - Certification
3. Students: Dummies' Guide - Application & First Stage (Grad Entry stream)
4. Students: Dummies' Guide - Certification (Grad Entry)

The AOB Certification Process - Flowchart - Full members
The AOB Certification Process - Flowchart - Student members



Application and Case Nomination

The following documents are used to apply to commence the AOB Certification for the first time or to apply to commence AOB Re-Certification:

Form 1 - AOB First Stage and Case Nomination
Privacy Consent Form (one copy for each nominated case)
Letter to accompany Consent Form (one copy for each nominated case)



AOB First Stage

The following documents are used to apply for AOB First Stage:

Form 2 - Case Details (one copy for each Board case)
Sample case (AOB First Stage)



AOB Certification

The following documents are used to apply for AOB Certification:

Form 3 - Certification Application
Professional Development Log - ASO applicants
Professional Development Log - NZAO applicants

Form 4 - Certification Application - Seniors division
Professional Development Log - Seniors division

Sample case (AOB Certification)



AOB Student Awards

The following documents contain information about AOB Awards:

AOB Student Awards
Assessment Sheet for Student Awards
Terms and Conditions
AOB Requirements for Congresses and FRE Meetings


Documents and Forms (for use by AOB Office)

AOB History
AOB Protocol Manual
Assessment of Postgraduate Students' AOB Cases
Assessment Form for AOB First Stage
Assessment Form for AOB Certification
School Liaison Person task list
State Convenors' Log
Convenor Notification Form
Duty List for Registrar
Fed Office - Registration and Information sent by AOB Convenors