Established by the Australian Society of Orthodontists in 1993

Become a member of the AOB

The following are eligible to apply for AOB membership:

  • ASO Full Members, ASO Overseas Members, and ASO Student Members
  • NZAO Full members and NZAO Student Members

AOB Certification involves three steps:

The following documents explain the AOB Certification Process in detail. It is suggested that applicants print and retain the appropriate forms for future reference.

1. Full Members: How-to-do-it Guide - Application & First Stage
2. Full Members: How-to-do-it Guide - Certification
3. Students: Dummies' Guide - Application & First Stage (Grad Entry stream)
4. Students: Dummies' Guide - Certification (Grad Entry)

Sample case (AOB First Stage)
Sample case (AOB Certification)

AOB Re-Certification
For ongoing AOB Certification, AOB Certication must be repeated periodically.

ASO/NZAO Student Members may achieve AOB Certification by way of the Student Pathway.